I am from Whitehouse, OH. I chose graphic design at BGSU because ultimately I thought the program would give me the most well-rounded skill set possible out of any other program. My favorite project is the collaborative work I do with Distracted Haunted House. As a well-rounded creative, I feel that the brand and the conditions meet my skill set. As a small brand that works with volunteer and fundraising groups, I feel like I am contributing to a unique and exciting experience in many ways. I do brand work, wayfinding design, scenic design, and a lot of fun experimentation with new materials. I plan to freelance for at least some amount of time because I have a lot of skills with hands-on materials and I feel I can work in a commission-based environment. That being said, there are a lot of jobs in corporate and agency settings that I would consider. One tip I have for future designers is to learn all of your software intently. It will save you so much time and it will make you a better designer. Keyboard shortcuts, every tool capability, and practice are key.