I grew up in a small town near Cincinnati called Amelia. I chose graphic design because I went to a vocational school for digital arts and design and fell in love with the process of making. My instructor there went to BGSU for his degree and recommended it, so here I am! One of my favorite projects has to be my senior thesis project titled ‘Destigmatizing Schizophrenia’. I found so much passion in creating work that acts as mental health advocacy, I never knew that was an avenue of work that I was so curious about until that project. With my degree, I plan to do graphic design! I guess I don’t have a particular sector of design that I am most passionate about yet. All I know is that I like my design freedom and am not super into only doing work for big companies that have strict branding rules. In terms of awards, I received both the CURS grant and the Medici grant for my thesis project.