I was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. I chose Graphic Design at BGSU because I heard a lot of great things about their Design program when I was exploring different colleges my senior year of high school. I really wanted to find a college that worked for me and would help me evolve into a better designer, however, at the time, I was also unsure if design was the right career choice. By my sophomore year at BG, I knew I was in the right place. I’m really glad I chose BGSU because I got to discover more about who I am as a designer and I got to meet a lot of amazing and talented people. I should put my senior thesis but my favorite project was the Design Manifesto in ARTD 3010. I’ve always wanted to do a book project and the manifesto was a lot of fun exploring different layouts and spreads and getting creative with typography and space. After graduating, I definitely want to do either branding and/or something to do with book design. The advice I would give to future designers is to have fun and trust the process. As long as you love design, remind yourself that you’re allowed to enjoy the work process even when it seems impossible.