I am from Niles, Ohio. I chose graphic design at BGSU because I fell in love with the campus, I liked how welcoming it was, and it was just the right distance from my hometown. I chose to pursue graphic design because I have always been into art and photography, so I felt that this would allow me to use those skills together. My favorite project was creating a brand that would sell smoothies and designing the bottle packaging for it. I have always been fascinated by different cup and mug designs, and I also like working out and eating somewhat healthy. This project allowed me to incorporate something I am passionate about outside of the design world into my work. I plan to do freelance graphic design and photography while attending BGSU to receive a Master’s in Business Administration. For future graphic designers in the program, I would suggest that it is important to learn time management skills very early on and find a way to incorporate design into other studio art courses.