kaitlyn dibiase

I am from Cleveland, OH. I chose to study graphic design at BGSU because I’ve found that I can combine my love for creating with a sense of structure and practicality that design offers. I enjoy being able to constantly grow my skills and interests as new technologies and needs for innovative design emerge. My favorite project is the packaging design project in which I created Inferno, a modernized hot sauce brand. This was the first project I felt connected to because I pursued my own idea from start to finish and realized my love for handwritten typography. My dream is to find a job in branding design but for now I plan to pursue freelance work and keep polishing my portfolio. A tip I have for future designers is don’t obsessively compare yourself and your work to those around you. A little comparison can be healthy in order to challenge yourself as a creative individual, but it’s so easy to get caught up in the feeling of not doing enough or not being as successful as your peers. It’s important to try to spend that time and mental energy pursuing new ideas and projects that interest you because those are the ones that end up being the most fulfilling. This will help you recognize again why you are in this field, but more importantly why you deserve to be in this field.