I am from Orrville, OH. Truthfully, I wasn’t the best illustrative artist, but I wanted to strengthen the artistic abilities I do have, while also helping others. Those two factors, along with BG’s reputation for design, lead me to choose this major! My favorite project is Albie: The Verbal Behavior Assistant. Created in ARTD 3055, with a group of several other designers we wanted to figure out a way to improve society based on several societal factors. We narrowed it down to the ultimatum; people need to learn to speak more kindly to one another. Individually, we created our own Albie’s to tackle this issue. My sassy little red monster won my heart! I absolutely loved creating the story behind him and the app, that I am actually creating a case study based off of my work to show on my website! Stay tuned! With my degree, I hope to discover more about myself as a designer by working through a design agency and soaking up more design knowledge like a sponge. I also hope to become a freelance designer in the far future or possibly a Creative Director! One lesson I learned is: Sketch, iterate, and draft! Save all of the work it takes to get to the end design, whether the drafts be digital or physical– they are just as important as the final iteration is!


Award: Graphic Design Honorable Mention : Albie: Verbal Behavior Assistant
Shows : BGSU Undergraduate Exhibitions 2017 & 2020, BFA Thesis Exhibition 2021.