I am from a small town called West Lafayette, Ohio. Truthfully, I barely knew what graphic design was when I declared it as my major. I knew it was a new art form that I was willing to take my chances with and I am so glad I did. I chose BGSU because I have a couple cousins that are BG alumni, and one of them graduated with an art degree and told me how great the arts were here. My favorite project is my senior thesis projects called Mind Full. Though the process was extensive, the journey I have had with this project made the final product and recognition that more rewarding. I want to take advantage of the expansiveness of having a design degree and experience as many job possibilities as possible, but currently I am most interested in using my skills to help small local businesses develop unique branding. Keep yourself inspired through design, but do not forget about other passions that light a fire under you. A huge part about graphic design is the content of which you are designing, so the excitement and passion you have for project topics will truly come through in your design! My senior thesis, Mind Full, was chosen for display in the 2021 BFA gallery show, Wonder.