I am from Cleveland, OH. I chose graphic design because I sat in on a BGSU design class my senior year of high school and absolutely loved it. I loved BGSU’s campus and everything it had to offer so I knew it would be the right place for me. My favorite project that I have done at BGSU was the bottle packaging project. I loved being able to design a product that I would actually buy in a store. I also liked the creative freedom we had with it so that I could make it my own. I hope to work at a marketing/advertising agency and focus on branding/rebranding for numerous clients after graduation. One tip I would have for future GD majors at BGSU would be to continue working on projects even after you have submitted them. Usually you take the time to critique the final work and then think you do not need to go back. It is a good habit to edit your projects right after you critique so that the project is fresh in your brain and you will not forget what you need to change. Even though you may be tired of a project, this will save you time in the long run when you are building your portfolio.


BFA Thesis Exhibition (2021) // Space Leaders
Undergraduate Exhibition (2020) // Yours Truly Stationery Redesign /
Catching Fire Book Cover Redesigns / Facing the Fading
Charles Lakofsky Art Award (2020) // Catching Fire Book Cover Redesigns
President’s Suite Award (2020) // Facing the Fading (printmaking)
Undergraduate Exhibition (2019) // Meet Me on the Maui Mat (printmaking)
Arts & Sciences Dean’s Purchase Award (2019) // Meet Me on the Maui Mat
Undergraduate Exhibition (2018) // Spiraling Personality
Bravo! Gala (2018) // Spiraling Personality
President’s Suite Award (2018) // Spiraling Personality