Dylan hunter

I’m from North Canton, Ohio. When I first came to BGSU, I was studying journalism but didn’t like it that much, so I switched over to graphic design pretty randomly and didn’t really know too much about it or why I actually picked it. Looking back, I am definitely happy that I found graphic design because I have grown to become very passionate about it and love working on my projects. My favorite project that I made has to be my senior thesis, which was a social activism brand targeting professional sports to change their names away from Native American culture and then rebranding them. What makes it my favorite was that I got to create a new brand for one of my favorite sports teams while also doing a form of social activism which studying graphic design has made me become passionate about. With my degree, I mostly plan on doing branding or sports design because branding has been something that I’ve done a lot and because I’m a huge sports fan. A tip that I could give future graphic designers at BGSU is to find a way to create your work around something your passionate about. This isn’t always possible and wont be the case all the time with future jobs, but for me, designing around a passion makes your projects and school life more than just getting things done in time. I got into one show here at BGSU and it was the BFA Senior Thesis show.