I am from a small town called Versailles, Ohio. Truthfully, I never really liked any subject in school besides art. When it came to choosing my plans for after high school, I knew the best place that I would thrive would be in the artistic field. I was really close with my high school art teacher, so I told her I wanted to further my art education and she recommended that I applied for the Graphic Design program at BGSU and the rest is history! My favorite project was called Fine Wine, a wine brand concept inspired by Harry Styles’ album Fine Line. This project was one of the first class projects that I was really excited about because I was able to take the assignment and somehow incorporate my ‘subtle’ love for Harry. Overall, this project helped me finally start to fall in love with my design work. I am very open to any and all directions that design may take me in the future, but for the meantime I really want to work with branding because it’s so fun to see how far you can expand a brand! ALWAYS WORK AHEAD! Time goes by so fast and each project is very time consuming, so it is best to give yourself time to put in the best effort. Trust me, your future self will thank you. Also try to find interest in every project you create, it makes the work much more enjoyable when you have to spend hours working on it.