I am from Delaware, Ohio. I chose Graphic Design at BGSU mostly because I knew I wanted to do something in the arts. I loved taking art classes in high school and seemed to be pretty good at it, and the School of Art was recommended to me by two of my art teachers. I knew what being a graphic designer meant and was excited that I could really do anything with it. My favorite project by far has to be the senior thesis. I was excited to create and research a topic that I am passionate about and to really let my personality come through the design of my project. I am wanting to go into branding and packaging for a few years and hopefully will have my own freelance business at some point! To all of the future Graphic Designers, EXPERIMENT! Whether it is on paper, digital or any other medium, experimenting is the best thing you can do for yourself. A lot of times you will find solutions in the mess of your experiments and it will end up being a really great direction to move forward with in your projects.