Brad Simpson

I am from Lyndhurst, a residential neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio. I chose graphic design at BGSU because I was inspired to enroll because of my supportive father, David Simpson, who graduated from BGSU. My favorite project is by far my Bachelor of Fine Arts thesis: RETROGRADE. The immense amount of toil and long nights working on it paid off, and I think it’s one of the only projects I’ll be actively utilizing for the rest of my life. What I plan on doing with my degree is an intimidating question. Since the beginning, all I’ve wanted to do is create things, regardless of deadlines, guidelines, and other unnecessary lines. Out of college, that idea is now grounded in a drive to finally create projects and ventures that have peaked interest in the same way Retrograde has. My advice for future graphic design students would be to simply create what you want to create, and don’t stop until it’s as perfect or as rough-around-the-edges as you want. People all have their own aesthetics, and some are improved and molded with practice and time – but don’t ever change to something you don’t like. I recently entered my Bachelor of Fine Arts thesis into the Wonder: BFA Thesis Exhibition. Retrograde, an interactive museum of videogame history, won the Dominick and Elizabeth Labino Art and Technology Award.