I am from Livonia, Michigan. I chose Graphic Design at BGSU because when I was looking at colleges in high school, I struggled with deciding if I wanted to go to an art school or a university, and ultimately decided I wanted a classic university experience. Then, it was between MSU and BGSU, because both programs seemed impressive to me. I ended up going with BGSU for a number of reasons that didn’t really have to do with art but the environment I wanted to be in. The campus at BGSU and the smaller numbers made it feel more like a family to me, as well as a fresh start away from home and anyone who would have known me in high school. My favorite project is Boozy Fruit, a bottle labeling project for a conceptual alcohol-infused gummy. It’s my favorite because my personality was able to shine through the work, and the end result is something I would actually like to see on shelves and would buy myself. With my degree, I plan to be in the advertising realm, whether that be working for a company or an ad agency. I enjoy things like branding and copywriting as well, so I will go wherever the opportunities take me. I’m just ready to get out there and find the niche that I will enjoy working in in this industry. One tip I have for future graphic designers at BG is: stay true to yourself. Listen to the feedback and apply corrections as needed, but don’t lose your own voice within your work. Ultimately your work should be a reflection of you, not a teacher.