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The class of 2021 has been through a lot. After three semesters of covid-19, two years of thesis, and a whole lot of sleepless nights, the time has finally come. It's time to graduate! We have worked so hard to get to where we are today, making plenty of new memories and designs along the way. Click below to see a showcase of our talented designers and their work.

Logo Designs
Shelby Frysinger the Activist
Lindsay West The Go-Getter
Sarah Knauf the kind spirit
Emma Powers the Leader
Mercedes Williamson the artist
Kathryn Meenan the advocate
Jesie Walton The Visionary
Drew Rogers The Class Clown
Kaitlyn DiBiase the Girl Next Door
Faith Merryman The Hippie
Mya Burns The Adventurer
Mackenna Willis The Optimist
Brady Gibson The Freelancer
Bridgette Hopsapple The Harry Styles Stan
Noah Kihn The Team Player
Victoria Cutway The Thinker
Abigail Melnychenko The Friend to Everyone
Julius Vichinsky The Strategist
Harmony Ross The Free Spirit
Bradford Simpson The Gamer
Sara Oates The Empath
Dylan Hunter The Risk taker
Breanne McGrothers The Shoulder to Lean On

After graduation, I hope to find a job that supports my needs as a designer. I hope to find a place that encourages my curiosity for learning and nurtures my love of activism and web design.

After graduation, I will continue to pursue a career in graphic design and grow my portfolio with freelance work. I hope to explore more areas of digital graphic design and learn coding, as well as developing my skills in branding and concepting. In the next few years, I really want to find a niche outside of design, and one day own my own company which merges the two passions together.

I want to find a place that focuses on community design, teamwork, but will also be a fun and welcoming environment. Other than design, I want to move out of my hometown and have the opportunity to travel the world and explore new places. I would love to go see France, Scotland, Italy, and Japan just to name a few places.

I hope find a place somewhere in the U.S. that I love and will search for a job in branding within that area. My long term goal would be to put all these years of leadership to use as a Creative Director or Art Director for a marketing firm.

I’m keeping an open mind about what kind of graphic design job I would like to have simply because I love all aspects of design and would love to just start gaining experience in the field. And who knows, maybe after garnering a lot of experience in different fields of design, I’ll have a better understanding on what aspect to focus my career on.

I hope to continue to learn and grow as a designer and work full time for either that company or a creative agency in that area one day. Until then, I would like to take on multiple internships or freelance work and grow my portfolio and experience.

So surreal! I cannot believe graduation is really here! I have accepted two freelance design jobs that have already started and go into the summer, but my continuous goals for the future include giving back to the community through volunteer efforts and to work directly with non-profits as a designer or through an agency. My overall goal in life is to work towards the betterment of others lives…and I cannot wait to get started!

After Graduation I hope to either start working for a design or advertising agency and continue designing and furthering my work. I also think that graduate school or extending my learning here at Bowling Green State University is also an option for me and I have even been thinking about dual majoring lately. Whatever the case is I will be continuing with my designing and just enjoying every day that is given to me.

After graduation, my dream is to find a job in branding design or at a small design firm in the Cleveland area. While I continue my job search, I plan to pursue freelance work and continue running my online shop to make money and keep polishing my portfolio.

One of the reasons I chose graphic design was because of the wide variety of career paths it will allow me to take. I am open to all the job opportunities that come my way, and am very excited to see how my passion for graphic design further develops in areas I might not know are possible. As of now, would love to land a job in branding, particularly in the world of natural skin care or makeup.

After graduation, I plan to attend BGSU to receive a Master’s degree in Business Administration. While working toward my master’s I plan to do freelance graphic design and photography to keep building my portfolio. Eventually, I would like to have a lead role in a business or start my own. After receiving my master’s I plan to continue freelance graphic design and photography while traveling to all 50 states.

Though my college career has been longer than most, I can’t believe how quickly my last semester has flown by. It’s crazy! After graduation, I plan to continue my journey in graphic design and diligently apply for hiring positions in the industry. My dreams are to work at a branding firm where our ideas and creativity can flourish together to help make others happy and succeed. On the side, I would also love to learn more about printmaking and linocut to do small freelancing on my own time for prints.

After graduation, I plan on moving to California and working as an in house designer for the hip hop label, Top Dawg Entertainment. Along with this, I plan on continuing freelance design, doing promotions, album art, motion, and many other forms of graphic design work for musicians and artists all over. I hope to start some sort of youtube / virtual class to help teach creatives and other artists ‘how to graphic design’ that may not have the availability to college or resources that others do.

I am very open to any and all directions that design may take me in the future, but for the meantime I really want to work with branding becuase it’s so fun to see how far you can expand a brand!

After graduation, I plan on moving home to Dayton. I am currently in the process of finding a Graphic Design position in that area. My hope is to find a company where I can grow as a designer and utilize the skills I have learned at BGSU.

After graduation, I hope to find work that brings me to the next step as a multimedia creator. I am looking for positions in design as well as illustration and places with a practical studio environment. In addition, I would like to find a place that aligns with my interest in activism as well as concerns of the plus-size community. In the meantime, while I am searching, I will continue my work as an operator with Pinnacle Plastic Products and may search for growth opportunities as a freelance creative.

With my degree, I plan to be in the advertising realm, whether that be working for a company or an ad agency. I enjoy things like branding and copywriting as well, so I will go wherever the opportunities take me. I’m just ready to get out there and find the niche that I will enjoy working in in this industry.

It is such a blessing that Graduation is already here, however I do wish it would have gone slower, I will miss BGSU. I have already accepted a freelance position for a small, up and coming, golfing brand and I plan to search for a larger full time position in design. I would like to help anyone with my work if possible! I strongly believe that God has brought me to BGSU and with the talents that I have learned, I hope to use them to help others who need them.

After graduation my plan is to get an internship position to help me build my skill set before entering a career in Graphic Design. While being in an internship position, I would enjoy starting to do freelance work on the side, along with creating artwork for my artistic expression to run free. My goal after building my skills through internships, is to find a position within an outdoor company. I am beyond excited to see where these next steps in my life are going to take me.

Since the beginning, all I’ve wanted to do is create things, regardless of deadlines, guidelines, and other unnecessary lines. Out of college, that Idea is now grounded in a drive to finally create projects and ventures that have peaked interest in the same way my thesis project Retrograde has. My advice for future graphic design students would be to simply create what you want to create, and don’t stop until it’s as perfect or as rough-around-the-edges as you want. People all have their own aesthetics, and some are improved and molded with practice and time - but don’t ever change to something you don’t like.

I plan on moving to Columbus Ohio and finding a job at a non-profit or a socially conscious company. If I am unable to find a job in a non-profit then I will work at a company that has a goal to help other people even if it’s not their main priority. I am also hoping to move to Germany at some point for a year because I love to travel and love the type of design that Berlin creates.

After I graduate, I am planning on moving back and hopefully finding a job near Cleveland in either sports design or branding. I have also been thinking about finding an apprenticeship opportunity to become a tattoo artist and working as a freelance designer as well.

My favorite project by far has to be the senior thesis. I was excited to create and research a topic that I am passionate about and to really let my personality come through the design of my project. I am wanting to go into branding and packaging for a few years and hopefully will have my own freelance business at some point!

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